The Punk and the Frat Boy

Written By: icecooly94

oneshot + tattooparlor/au + punk!frat

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Happy 21st birthday, Liam James Payne (August 29, 1993)

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Anonymous: What do you think zayn and niall talk about when it's just them together like yesterday, their friendship is so interesting to me cuz they're like complete opposites but they love each other so much

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because it had to be done


"Ridin’ Dirty?" Niall repeated with mock incredulity once they were back in the hotel room. "Really?"

It was nearing 3am, and he and Zayn were stretched out lazily on someone’s bed (the 5 boys shared and switched so often it was pointless claiming them any longer), Zayn on his back and Niall on his stomach. They were both in their boxers, listening to Zayn’s iTunes and just looking out at the city from the huge window. It was a kind of ritual they’d silently decided on, winding down together just the two of them, after evenings filled with singing, screaming and impossibly high levels of energy. Shows were group bonding time, but this, this quiet, sleepy, intimate thing between Niall and Zayn? This was just for them.

A wry smile pulled at the corners of Zayn’s mouth. “Niall,” he said simply, because Niall knew. 

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liams-10-inches-of-payne: HIIIIII! so i am looking for a fic and tbh i dont really remember a lot of it because i read it awhile ago, i remember the boys were at a photo shoot the photographer put them in groups and larry challenged ziall on who can get the best bromace pics and during the photoshoot they have a food fight and ziall kisses and i think its niall that leaves because he panics and ugh im sorry i cant remember more but maybe you guys can help? i love that fic haha thanks byeee!

Actually looked up and down for this. 

It was Up All Night by zayniscake but she relocated or deleted. I couldn’t find trace of alternate links. If anyone knows inform us.

- Kendra

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The right thing to do


Prompt: ziall high-school!au, they are best friends, around 15/16 and zayn sleeps over at niall’s place, they watch a movie and end up having their first kiss with each other :)

Pairing: Ziall


Requested by: zaynjhoran

“YES!” Niall yells as he stands and makes a weird victory dance. Zayn just looks up at him from the sofa he’s sprawled over and smiles. He really does suck at FiFa. But he still plays, because it makes Niall happy and because he likes to stay at his house, even if it means having to lose all the time.

Niall is still dancing when Zayn comes back to reality. He sees the little leprechaun laughing at how much he sucks, but he doesn’t mind. Not one bit.


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Zayn and Niall today in LA

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missusmalik: I was wondering if you knew of any good desi!zayn fics where he's proud to be Pakistani? Thanks!

Its sad that I specifically haven’t read any where they talk deeply about his ties to his race but I think it’s hard to write at the same time.

  • Out for Eid ; You know that time Niall took Zayn out for Eid. Yeah this. You can all go grovel because yeah.
  • They Say All Beauty Must Die ; The story is mostly about Niall but there is big specifics to Zayn’s family through out.
  • The Prince ; I don’t know how intricate this is to Zayn’s real culture but I really like it the setting of the entire story,
  • We Took the Town to Town Last Night ; Zayn takes Niall to his cousins wedding in Pakistan. Crushing ensues.

- Kendra

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Anonymous: I'm screaming can you do a ziall with like vampire!Zayn?? thnka you thank you thankyou



Zayn didn’t like to think he was ‘creepy’. He was just really observant.

He watches people.

Watches while he’s perched on a tree branch or is dangling his legs off the edge of a building. It’s soothing, in a way.

Even more so when he finds one boy that stands out from the rest, and now ever since then, Zayn only watches him.

The boy is beautiful. Pale skin with freckles that flushed in the cold weather, brown roots protruding the blond dye and he’s got the cutest little smile. Zayn doesn’t understand why he’s addicted, maybe it’s because of the way he talks or acts. Fuck, it might even be just because of the way he breathes.

Zayn can hear it, feel it. Feel his easy, evened out breaths, his heart beating like everyone elses except his was a beat that Zayn wanted to keep on replay.

They’ve never spoken.
They’ve never looked at each other in the eye.
They’ve never made any physical contact.

And Zayn wanted to change that so badly.

He wants to hear his voice early in the morning, whining about waking up so early while Zayn just chuckles, not tired, wide awake from not sleeping at all.

He wants to look into those eyes and read all his emotions, all his thoughts and scare away all his fears.

And of course, Zayn wants to feel that soft, warm skin under the pads on his fingers. He wants to feel that heart beat up close.

Zayn wouldn’t bite him. He was too pure, too innocent. Not a single tattoo on his skin or a scowl on his face. He was an angel from heaven sent to earth to become Zayn’s addiction.

Addiction. That’s all Zayn thought he was. But he now he knows it’s something more.

Niall was his name. Niall Horan.

Zayn didn’t think he’d ever find a negative side about Niall, but when he began following the boy, he realised that there was one thing that he did that made Zayn’s fists clench.

It was how touchy he was with his friends. And how much his friends placed their hands all over him.

It’s like they were taunting him, knowing he was watching and knowing that he can’t touch him but they can.

The next day Zayn swore to himself that he would talk to him. And he did. Sort of.

He muttered something to him, at least. They weren’t proper english words but he’s sure that counts.

He just ‘accidentally’ bumped into him. Oops.

"And I was just – shit!" He was talking to that small brunet guy with the nice hair. "Sorry, mate." He apologises, smiling up at Zayn and yeah, if Zayn had a heart, it’d stop beating.

He’d also wouldn’t be able to breathe but it seems he didn’t need to have fully functioning lungs for that, the breath rushing out of him when he’s met with the deepest shade of blue.

They freeze for a moment, Zayn muttering something along the lines of an apology but he can’t make sense of anything because he’s staring at Niall and taking him in and just feeling the warmth radiate from his skin.

It’s even better when he catches Niall staring as well.

His friend steps back, a low whistle escaping his lips as he stares at the two with raised eyebrows. “Sparks are flying.” He says but Zayn doesn’t care, he’s too focused on how Niall grins at his friend then blushes before hitting him playfully. “Shut up, Louis.”

It escalated from there.

Zayn began following him more openly, not hiding in the shadows anymore. He still hasn’t properly spoken to him yet, but he loves being a few feet away from him. Just the easy thrum of his heart beat is enough to calm Zayn down when he sees another one of his friend’s squeeze his ass.

When he’s following him one day, things backfire. Niall catches him.

The blond disappears around a corner and Zayn trails behind slowly, only to be pinned up against a brick wall in a dark alley seconds later.

"Alright, you need to tell me why you’re following me. I-I’m sick of it! You’re always around and – I don’t get it." Zayn stays silent, eyes wide but soft as they watch Niall’s lips move.

"S-Stop staring at me!" He isn’t as strong as he thinks he is, Zayn thinks. The hands wrapped around his wrist loose and not as tight. Zayn worries that if he was a real stalker Niall would never have been able to protect himself.

The blond’s shaking and then he’s calm as he lets go, realising Zayn won’t hurt him. He still looks scared though. “What.. what do you want?”

Zayn bites his lip, eyes flickering a dangerous red which he held back. “You.”

The next time they see each other, Niall greets him with a small smile, and Zayn returns it.

The time after that, they talk and Zayn makes Niall laugh, he loves the sound of it, might even like it more than his heart beat.

Then everything’s great, Niall even considers Zayn as a friend and he kisses Zayn goodnight one time.

But then Niall finds out. And Zayn’s life tumbles.

"W-Why didn’t you tell me?"

Zayn tugs at his hair frustratingly. “You’d be afraid of me, I don’t want that.” Niall stays silent. Before, “I’m not afraid,”

Zayn shakes his head, backs away because this is so wrong. He shouldn’t even be doing this in the first place. “You should be,”

"But you’d never hurt me."

Zayn looks at him. That’s true. Niall’s eyes are glassy, shining under the light of the moon and reflecting on his skin making him even more angel like.

"And you’d never want to leave me alone." That’s also true and Zayn begins to wonder that maybe Niall wasn’t as oblivious as he originally thought. "You’d never do that, Zayn. I know you wouldn’t."

Zayn walks towards him, his hands coming up to brush his thumbs over Niall’s warm cheeks. “I wouldn’t want to.” He presses their foreheads together and stares into his eyes and the whole thing’s a little intimate and Zayn doesnt know what he’s doing but he can feel Niall’s emotions, he can feel his heart beating quick when he brushes their lips together lightly. “I’ve wanted you for so long,”

Niall shivers, “Now you can have me.”

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Some Things, They Never Change

Written By: jamiemoriartys

oneshot + domestic/au + fluff

Note: I think they’re is not enough domestic boyfriends.

- Kendra

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