Anonymous: Why have you guys never rec'd the 50 Shades of Zayn?

Okay so honestly it took a lot to not answer this in a mean way. So I let it sit in the box for a couple days and just shrugged at it.

There is a lot of things wrong with the 50SoG book series but that has nothing to do with the Zayn/Niall adaptation.

1) It is honestly copy and pasted from the book. I HAVE READ THE BOOKS. I only made it through the first part of the adaptation and I had to stop at some parts to laugh at what she had kept in and the bare minimum changed and tweaked to work. idonotcareifmencantakebirthcontrol Why is that in there? She also keeps some of the sex things very similar. Like ‘sex’ is used for women porn because using actual reference to a women genitals is weird?? But it being used to describe dick made me lose it.

2) RIDICULOUSLY OOC. Oh my gosh. Anna and Christian are nothing like Niall and Zayn, not even a little bit. First off Anna is going to school to be a English Literature Major. That doesn’t work for Niall or Louis (best friend in the book)? Christian is a owner of a holding company? Wow that is so Zayn Malik.

3) Nothing is changed for the sake of the characters, not the personalities to fit with how they are in the actual book or the other way around. Nor does it change their profession, their mannerisms, their thoughts, nothing. 

Anna has a nervous tick of biting her lip. Could have been changed to Niall’s actual tick of biting his fingers nails. Anna doesn’t eat very often. Niall is food up. Seriously. Christian doesn’t show his emotions and only fun is his toys and his sex life. Zayn is shy and reserved until he is comfortable around people, comic nerd to the nines and video games. Niall always calls him Mr. Malik. Very bothered by how that would never happen. There is also a part where Anna describes their relationship as moth to a flame. I was so upset, good insertion for a sun/moon reference wasted. Most adaptations from source to fic are awful but this was just ridiculous. 

Anyways I could go on. It was just bad. It could have worked you know if it was all changed and just used as a base idea, maybe? 

- Kendra

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Becoming Somebody

You were nobody until Zayn Malik abducted you. With a polaroid snapshot of whatever crazy adventure he took you on in the middle of the night, you were basically golden. The only problem was getting picked.

Written By: thecheekybrunette

chaptered + highschool/au + angst

Note: I’ve been dying to read this for ages and hadn’t picked it up till the other day and I was floored and the twist at the end literally slapped me in the face. Great crying session I had. 

- Kendra

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Art collab with Artofobsession!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ
Her gorgeous lines and my colours C:
Warm hazy mornings are what I strive for (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*)


Art collab with Artofobsession!! (・∀・)

Her gorgeous lines and my colours C:

Warm hazy mornings are what I strive for (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*)

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Broom Cupboard Secrets

Niall doesn’t mind snogging her girlfriend in broom cupboards between classes, but she also doesn’t just want to only ever kiss her in broom cupboards.

Written By: Star55

oneshot + hogwarts/au + genderswap

Note: Though I side with the fact that Zayn is Ravenclaw rather than Slitherine I still very much enjoyed everything about this. 

- Kendra

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Anonymous: please, don't go complaining about doing this in your spare time. if you're complaining about not getting paid for it, why are you even on here? no one is forcing you to stay, and we certainly don't want you. don't even go comparing yourselves with the narry and larry libraries. you're the trolley compared to those lamborghinis

Fine. We’ll be just like TheLarryLibrary and turn off the askbox all together. We can also be TheNarryLibrary with basic tags. Done and done. Stop being a twat and go run your own library.

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Anonymous: Hi! Do u know the name of the fic where Zayn is a buisness man and niall gets kidnapped? Sorry for the bad description :(
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Anonymous: lmao you're so fucking rude get over yourself


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ziallgasim: I need a bunch of jealous! Zayn or niall please
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day 12: trick-or-treating together while teenagers (1d/ziall)

dressing up like hogwarts students ;u;


day 12: trick-or-treating together while teenagers (1d/ziall)

dressing up like hogwarts students ;u;

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Hold on Fast, to You

I forget where we were…

Zayn forgets. a rainy road trip helps him to remember and Niall. Always Niall.

Written By: cocainekisses

oneshot + non/au + angst

Note: There is not nearly enough stories with Zayn’s struggles with his identity and it makes such good comfort because we know Niall tells him that everyone is shit and he’s the only one that matters.

- Kendra

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