lilofortea: Do you think that you could write a list of your favorite ziall oneshots/fics if you could that would be wicked :-)

that sounds like a good idea if like all the co-owners just made their own masterpost of their favourite one shots

-sherry x

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imgoodatbeingawkward: Thank you so much Kendra! :D I know what I did wrong thanks to you. So thank you! :D


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Anonymous: The badboi!zayn tag is not working :c

It’s because it’s THIS. Sorry for that mix up.

- Kendra

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I feel like Zayn is the type to keep his lips attached to Niall’s collarbones and sucking and biting and licking deep, red marks that probably hurt to get while also rubbing gentle circles into the spot where thigh meets hip on the outside. I feel like he’s the kind to touch carefully until it feels like Niall’s skin is going to fall off his bones, until Niall knows exactly why his ribs are a cage (it’s because his heart is an animal and it beats so wildly when Zayn is near), until he gets why ink on skin is a beautiful thing and why he’s willing to let Zayn touch and do as he pleases (it’s because Zayn has hands of fire and Niall’s bones are paper; he wants to let Zayn destroy him because Zayn will put him back together with sad hands and tired, bright eyes).

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to the core

Written By: caramelcat

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lifeofziallhorlik: (If you do mpreg) I remember reading a one shot where Niall was pregnant and one night he asks Zayn to get him some apples and Zayn gets fed up and hits him and I dont know the name of this one hopfully you do? :)

Do you remember which site you read it by chance? I’m kinda coming up empty on Ao3 but I can still check around on search engines.

Unless someone has read it? I don’t read loads of mpreg or abuse very often.

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I actually wanted to host fic exchange later on during christmas time but I just might do something better. we’ll see how finals go for me later this year.

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cleaning up some of the tag page. i think i’m going to consolidate all the holidays into one tag and reword some of the others that i abbreviated.

also i added a sophiam tag because power couple for the win. will add a couple of those in upcoming week. 

- kendra

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