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I love you Niall

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The Homecoming

“Are you ready?” Liam asked, patting Zayn’s hand where it rested on the arm rest between them. The other boy nodded numbly, it being the only thing he could do coherently right now.

He was just so damn excited. He couldn’t believe that after these long, hard two years, they were finally going to be reunited.

oneshot + military/au + fluff

Note: The mighty lack of military fics is overwhelming. Needs I tell you.

- Kendra

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Thought You Might Be Mine

Written By: Anonymous

oneshot + model/au + genderswap

Note: So first I read the summary and I dropped all my homework to read it. Then I read it was genderswap and I died before I could even read it. 

(Don’t ever claim yourself as gucci.)

[officially dead]

- Kendra

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They Ask Me What's My Best Side, I Step Back and Point At You

Zayn’s a 28 year old multi-millionaire with the entire world at his feet, but jaded by all the things he’s had to do to get to where he is.

Niall’s his sweet 20 year-old boyfriend, the one person who brings meaning to the madness that is Zayn’s life.

When Niall gets kidnapped by a group demanding ransom among other things, Zayn is willing to do anything to get him back. But he doesn’t even know if Niall is still there to get back.

Written By: tangledziall

chaptered + kidnap/au + angst

Note: How many times have I actually read this?? I swear it’s in the twenties. It’s so good don’t kid yourself.

- Kendra

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It Could Get Ugly (But It Was Beautiful)

Back before Zayn became Zayn, him and Niall were together and happy. And they’d thought that Zayn’s dreams coming true would only make things better. But it didn’t work out that way and now the two of them are basically strangers.

Except strangers don’t hate eachother as much as Niall does Zayn, so maybe not. And because Niall has made this animosity very well known, he can’t for the life of him understand Zayn’s latest ploy that forces them to have contact again.

Written By: tangledziall

chaptered + drama/au + mature

Note: HONESTLY? I have never felt so much deep compassion for a fanfiction in my entire life where I have felt the need to bite my finger nails down to bloody stubs and throw my laptop out the window. HONESTLY. You should be ashamed if you haven’t read this, it easily on my top 5 fics of all time. You are welcome.

- Kendra

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Anonymous: "Didnt you see what I did?!" ZIALL


So I had to ask genderfluidniall for help on this because I have difficulty with life, apparently

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"But really. Thank you, though," Niall murmured.

"For?" Zayn asked.

"For fucking me like that. I admit I asked for it, so," he shrugged, "yeah, thanks."

"It was my pleasure, love," Zayn nodded. Niall laughed at his remark, at how literal he meant it.

"I love you," he responded wiping his mouth with his hand. "I love you, too. And thank you, though."

"For what?"

"For everything else."

Written By: venividivici

chaptered + highschool/au + student!teacher

Note: This ripped my heart out, oh my god. The summary makes it seem like it’s nothing serious but sweet jesus christ, don’t let that fool you.

- Chris

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lifeofziallhorlik: Um so hi Ever since this morning ive been thinking about this one shot on wattpad where zayn and niall are liam and louis and harrys parents but then they figure out that liam needs glasses and I cant remember the name for the life of me Help? xx

It’s on AO3 as well.

See Again

- Kendra

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wannaflya-way: Do you know some one shots or whatever where the ziall relationship is seen by another persons view? I don't know how to discripe it.... But in the style of 'you are my b-side' I really need to find some more like it. help?

I don’t think anybody’s ever actually done that apart from that specific writer, and I guess that’s what makes it unique. I don’t know of any right now, but maybe one of our followers do?

- Chris

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zayn malik appreciation week // day 4 - favorite relationship

ziall // “i just wanna make you smile, is that okay?”
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