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Anonymous: imagine if zayn and niall were your adoptive parents


omg???? what have you done

  • niall would be all “oh I’ll play princess with you and you can paint my nails” but if you were like “um let’s play tmnt instead” he’d switch gears at the speed of light (or vice versa)
  • zayn graffiti-ing up all your toys so they were SUPER unique making all the other kids jealous
  • niall spending way too much money on fashionable brand name matching outfits for the three of you
  • zayn refusing to wear them
  • niall forcing him to for the ridiculous annual family photos that he hangs on the wall of the stairwell in chronological order
  • zayn silently communicating to you that, no, it’s not weird that you didn’t think that joke was funny
  • niall continuing to carry you places even though you’re literally five years old and zayn keeps telling him you need to walk places??
  • zayn understanding that sometimes you just need to hang out alone and unwind but niall taking it personally for the beginning of the angsty teenage years
  • them together giving you “the talk” but kind of unable to explain so they call your weird uncle louis who you suspect is kind of an asshole but somehow has always seemed to be able to explain things to you
  • niall insisting that the three of you go golfing at least twice a month
  • you and zayn rolling your eyes through every golf outing
  • niall being embarrassingly loud and cheery at your football matches while zayn sits next to him steadily turning red until he just facepalms but then misses your big goal/save and tries to make up for it for the next two weeks



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I Could Paint You By Numbers, and Color You In

basically Niall has a secret admirer and everyone is an idiot
Written By
uni! au + fluff + pining + os
Note: holy fuck, ok I haven`t been on in a while sorry about that. ANYWAY.. It`s so fluffy and Zayn is so endearing and Niall is clueless and the fic is just perfect. Ky is fucking queen.-Alex
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Anonymous: are there any ziall hogwarts fics? could you link some if so?

ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE here you go pumpkin :) -Alex

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zavnhoran: Ziall and "I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere." 💖


"If we keep going like this, we’re both gonna say things we’ll regret. So I’m leaving."

Niall could still hear the last words Zayn had said to him before the door closed behind him with a final sound, leaving Niall to stare at it with the tears still running down his face.

Think I made a huge mistake can you call me or come over please

He’d sent the text to Harry fifteen minutes ago but still hadn’t received a reply. Harry had probably left his phone lying around somewhere again and didn’t even look at it.

Niall for his part was curled up into a ball on the sofa, eyes trained on the door. If he stared hard enough, maybe he could will Zayn to come back.

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Anonymous: Older zayn fics?

I answered some on the underage!Niall ask, here`s the link :) that was all I could find so far though -Alex

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artsymalik: Hello! Um, I'm looking for the fic where Zayn and Niall are bordering on a relationship for a while and all I remember is them going to this crappy diner really late at night/early in the morning and finally confessing their feelings at the end. Thanks so much!

I don`t think I`m familiar with this story, does anyone know it? -Alex

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born-to-die-die-to-live: Do you have any Underage!Niall fics? :D

ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (Warning: these all contain smut) enjoy! :) -Alex

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mari146y: HELP somthing with Older!Niall.

one two three four hope those are okay :) -Alex

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tonightletsgetsome-: the famous!niall tag isn't working just thought i'd let you know!


We probably don’t have anything posted under that tag :/ which I will be on immediately. Or as soon as possible. Soon. For now you could always try the canon tag or search the tag on AO3


Ps thx for letting us know. Really appreciate your help with making the library the best it can be. 😊

Try this one :) we only have one rec on there though -Alex

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